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San Luis Real Estate

San Luis Real Estate

San Luis, Colorado

The town of San Luis, Colorado is a small, southern Colorado community located about 15 miles south of Fort Garland on Highway 159. San Luis, Colorado has the distinction of being the first town settled in Colorado. In 1851, Fort Garland was built in the San Luis Valley to protect the Spanish-speaking settlers who had moved into southern Colorado after the Mexican American War. Today, the community is rich in heritage and natural beauty. San Luis is close to many of southern Colorado's scenic wonders such as the Great Sand Dunes and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Neighborhoods in San Luis, CO

San Luis is surrounded by prairie, so ranches and farms dominate the San Luis real estate listings. Buyers in the market for a pre-existing home while find them in the heart of San Luis. A three bedroom home in town lists for $100,000 to 150,000 on average. To the south of town, following Highway 159, open, undeveloped lots are available. The best views fetch very good prices, with an acre of land in the Wild Horse Mesa area selling for $9,000 an acre and up.

Eastdale is a community under development to the southwest of San Luis. Open, undeveloped land for sale are hot sellers in this area. Recent listings show land prices starting under $2000 per acre. Depending on location, wildlife, view and other factors, land prices can reach over $7000 per acre. Recent homes for sale in Eastdale show three bedroom houses on 5 to 10 acres of land selling for $300,000.

San Acacio lies to the west and north of San Luis. Big draws in the neighborhood include mountain views in every direction and the opportunity to spot wild elk and antelope from the comfort of a front porch. San Acacia is conveniently located for travel to Fort garland or the Smith Reservoir.

San Luis Schools

The San Luis school district is small, with three schools serving the community and surrounding area. The three schools are part of the Centennial R-1 School District. Centennial Elementary School, Centennial Junior High School, and Centennial High School all share the same building on Main Street in San Luis, CO. Downtown San Luis is home to the Costilla Head Start Center. Residents to the west of San Luis have the option to send their elementary aged children to the Sanford Public Schools or to Manassa Elementary Schools. To the north, the Sierra Grande Schools are open to children from Fort Garland and the surrounding area.

Business in San Luis, CO

Ranching and farming are still very important to the economy of San Luis, Colorado. Businesses in this small town are generally owner operated. One of the first stores established in the town, the R&R Market, established in 1857, is still in business today.

The real estate market is always in motion, especially in an area with the growth potential of San Luis. The undeveloped land available in the surrounding countryside is equally suited to buyers seeking private homes and to real estate developers. Contact a San Luis real estate agent for the most up to date home and land prices.